Love is Patient

“Love is patient, …”

1 Corinthians 13:4 NIV

Love is patient- easy to say not always so easy to do. Why did God ask us to be patient? The most clear answer to this is because He is patient. Think about your own life… how you are, bow you act, the things you say, the things you do/or don’t do, how you spend your time…. and ask yourself: has God been patient with me? Personally I know He has been super duper patient with me all my life.  He called me to His feet and service since I was seven years old and believe me since then I have deviated, gotten lost along the way and done things my own way only to learn that I should have been patient and done things His way.

People say patience is a virtue and it’s true… but what is patience? If we go to the dictionary the word patient means:  able to control one’s feelings in spite of annoyance, misfortune, etc., without complaining or continuing to work steadily; diligent; steady. With this definition I can tell you my feelings and emotions have not always been to easy to control in misfortunes or difficult situations, and I’m sure a lot of us are guilty of complaining at different times and in our walk there has been times when it has not always been easy to continue His work steadily or diligently when the tides rise against us. But Gods definition of patience goes beyond that because it goes hand in hand, nay it’s flooded, with love. Patience is one of the very characteristics of Gods love. 

You want to know just how patient God has been with you? Just how much He loves you?  “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”-Romans 5:8 NIV God knows just how very sinful our nature is, He knows all our sins all our dark deeds  He has known us at our darkest and He knew just how lost we were and sometimes can still be yet He was so patient that from the very beginning of time He had created a master plan of salvation just for you… and since the day you were conceived till this very day He waits for you to execute His plan, to take His mercy and to do His will… that is how patient He is with you.  Now how much does He love you?… He gave the perfect lamb, His only begotten Son, sinless and perfect Jesus, God himself made man to be nailed to a cross and die for all of our sins….. that is how much He loves you!

Now as Warriors for God how can we use this love/patience as a weapon? For those of us who call ourselves Christians don’t think you are too high and mighty that you can’t take the time to be patient with those who have not yet received the gift of salvation. Many let it go to their head and don’t let that type of patient love reach their hearts… you don’t take the time to see the necessity of others or you think the prostitute or the drunkard are not worth your time to extend and share the same gift that you were worthy of.

 Don’t be selfish and take the time with everyone because God has been way more patient with you and He has saved the worst of the worst and called them worthy too. And for those of you who may be afraid or careless of taking such a gift be patient love God and yourself enough to listen to His master plan and to accept and execute it and yes it make time for all of this but it is well worth your time because at the end of the race and the end of time the reward is great… an eternity with Love Himself! 

Warriors of God lastly I ask you to take this love and be patient for God will give us the victory in all things! The devil may come and try to lie to you and pressure you and tell you that you are not worthy that you will never make it out of the storm that the battle will end with your defeat so you might as well give up… but Christ was patient He waited for the perfect time and obtained victory over death and sin for all of us… whatever you are going through or whatever comes against you take your time be patient and wait for Gods perfect timing in all things because victory and peace are secure in Him no matter what… all you have to do is wait! Be patient! 

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